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Little big planet 2 games online. Play Little big planet 2 games online now! There are only high quality and easy to play flash games. Listed games are designed for gamers of all ages and gaming skills. Games Little big planet 2 will entertain you for long time. Play directly in your web browser.

its actually a little big planet flash game - YouTube
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Welcome to the walkthrough for Sony Entertainment's Little Big Planet. Getting through the scenario levels is not a challenge, achieving 100% is. This walkthrough is set to lead you through the levels and covers all of the bonuses that you can collect during the first run.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough - GameSpot
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its actually a little big planet flash game - YouTube

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this is a fan-make of the creative game little big planet. controls: jump = space or up key move = left and right key retry = shift. If you find any bugs or glitches, pm me or subscribe to let me know them

Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
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LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

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LittleBigPlanet 3 video walkthrough by DSPgaming. 25 videos on playlist. LittleBigPlanet 3 video walkthrough guide. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more.

Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
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Play the "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Negativatron" level. Find the broken arcade machine with a Sackbot trying to fix it. Activate the machine, then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle. The arcade machine will explode, leaving the numbers "3733 5683". When translated on a phone's keypad, this spells "Free Love".

LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
[Vinesauce] Vinny - LittleBigPlanet 2 (part 2)

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LittleBigPlanet 2 gives you complete access to customize everything - from your Sackboy™ ’s appearance to developing your own videogame. With access to the games’ CREATE tools, your imagination can run wild in creating any type of game you want from racing games, mini-games, action/adventure games, and even multiplayer shooters.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough - GameSpot
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Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
LittleBigPlanet 2 - Sackboy's Insides 2: Revenge

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Sackboy returns to save Craftworld from the evil The Negativitron. Our Little Big Planet 2 Guide includes a walkthrough of the story levels, hidden co-op and switch trigger paths, and pins to.

its actually a little big planet flash game - YouTube
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LittleBigPlanet 2 - Wikipedia
[Vinesauce] Vinny - LittleBigPlanet 2 (part 1)

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Our LittleBigPlanet 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for the behemoth PS3-exclusive sequel to MediaMolecule’s hit creation game. Little Big Planet 2 begins with a unique story mode that provides a beautifully reshaped world for Sackboy to explore and play.

LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough - GameSpot

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Little Big Planet 2 Be the first to review this item $ 54 04 + $3.95 shipping. To view this video download Flash Player

LittleBigPlanet 2 - Wikipedia
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LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Kick The Buddy The Best Ways To Die In LBP - LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 Gameplay

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LittleBigPlanet 2 gives you complete access to customize everything - from your Sackboy™ ’s appearance to developing your own videogame. With access to the games’ CREATE tools, your imagination can run wild in creating any type of game you want from racing games, mini-games, action/adventure games, and even multiplayer shooters.

LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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its actually a little big planet flash game - YouTube

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Little big planet 2 games online. Play Little big planet 2 games online now! There are only high quality and easy to play flash games. Listed games are designed for gamers of all ages and gaming skills. Games Little big planet 2 will entertain you for long time. Play directly in your web browser.

Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
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LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
[Vinesauce] Vinny - Little Big Planet 2

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Alright so I found that its possible to create fist fighting games; that makes me love the game so much more so heres what I have so far for the flash. By the way if you love creating games PLEASE.

LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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LittleBigPlanet 2 - Wikipedia
The game is developed bypublished by for.
It was originally scheduled for release in November 2010 but was delayed until January 2011.
The game was released in North America on 18 January 2011, in mainland Europe on 19 January 2011, in Australia and New Zealand on 20 January 2011 and the UK and Ireland on 21 January 2011.
It is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed 2008 title and the third game in the following a released in 2009.
Most of the more than 3 million levels created by users in little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs first game carry over and are playable and editable in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Unlike its predecessor, which was marketed as aLittleBigPlanet 2 was marketed as a "platform for games".
Support for was added to the game through a software update in September 2011, allowing users to play the game using the PlayStation Move motion controller in conjunction with a Navigation Controller or gamepad.
Experienced players may also choose to create and customise their own to accommodate their game type.
As well as including a wide selection of original and licensed music, the game also includes a robust music sequencer.
Multiple levels can be linked together, so that finishing one level immediately takes the player to the next in the series.
Sackbots can be programmed to follow Sackboy.
A new tool to assist in gameplay creation is the "Controlinator" formerly the "direct control seat".
This allows players to assign specific actions, such as button presses or motion control, to specific aspects of their gameplay design.
Players are not restricted to using the Controlinator on level elements, however, and they may use it to direct the actions of the player's Sackboy character, allowing greater freedom of movement; Media Molecule made this design choice in response to the large number of homages to early platforming games, in which players had to "hide" and manipulate the Sackboy character in specific ways to replicate the style of gameplay.
In addition to this tool, more gameplay items, similar to the Metal Gear Solid paintball gun released as downloadable content, are available including a grappling hook, the "Creatinator" - a hat which is worn by Sackboy and can be configured by the Creator to fire any object - and the "Grabinators" which allow Sackboy to pick up and throw grabable objects.
Media Molecule plans to regularly update the game with further items.
Enemy creation has also been improved.
Players can now create "Sackbots", which are whose AI can be controlled by the level creator.
Options include determining weak points on the Sackbots, as well as programming routines for the AI to follow.
Sackbots can be customised using costumes and decorations in the same way that the player character is and the AI for may be copied and pasted between multiple Sackbots.
Sackbots may also be controlled by the aforementioned controlinators.
All is usable in this sequel, as are most user-made levels from LittleBigPlanet.
As of June 2013, almost 8 million levels have been uploaded and created for both the LBP games on PS3.
An inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner called the Negativitron appears over the skies of LittleBigPlanet and begins to suck up its inhabitants, including Sackboy.
Larry Da Vinci Robbie Stevensthe leader of a semi-secret, semi-organised group known as "The Alliance", comes to Sackboy's rescue, saving him from the Negativitron Jeremy Mayne.
The Alliance is dedicated to battling with the Negativitron and defeating it before it destroys Craftworld.
After Sackboy passes the tests in Larry's Hideout, he tells him that they must get to Victoria Von Bathysphere's Judy Sweeney Laboratory, since she has built a Sackbot army for the Alliance.
However, the moment they get there, the Negativitron attacks and sucks up some of the lab and the Sackbots, mutating some of them into Meanies.
Victoria, after escaping on her train, tells the group that they need to get into the laboratory and shut down the machine making the Meanies.
After shutting it down, though, the Negativitron makes the machine come alive into a spider-like creature that scales the wall of the laboratory.
After destroying the machine, they find out that the Negativitron has taken the Sackbots to The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow.
Upon arriving, Sackboy read more Larry find the factory's owner Clive Handforth Barry Meade hiding in a can after the Negativitron took over the place.
The Sackbots have become enslaved inside the factory, prompting them to rescue as many as they can.
When trying to escape from the factory, one of Clive's guard-turkeys escapes and tries to stop them from leaving the factory with the Sackbots.
After losing him, Sackboy, Larry, and Clive take the Sackbots to Avalonia for re-training.
In Avalonia, Avalon Centrifuge takes Sackboy on a training course to learn combat using his machines.
Half-way through, though, the Negativitron attacks Avalonia and spreads Meanies throughout.
After rescuing the Sackbots among the wreckage of the facility, they get loaded onto Huge Spaceship and prepare to leave Avalonia, but a Meanie warship attacks the ship.
Even though Sackboy defeats the warship, Huge Spaceship crashes and is in need of repair, but only one creator can make it fly again.
Victoria suggests the great inventor Dr.
Herbert Higginbotham Ewan Baileybut Clive tells them that when he was at his factory, he was infected by a Meanie during the Negativitron attack.
Avalon sends Sackboy and Clive to Eve's Asylum for the Mentally Alternative to liberate Higginbotham.
When they arrive, it turns out that the asylum is under attack by Meanies.
Eve Silva Paragorica asks them to help save the asylum and the patients within, then she will lead them to Higginbotham.
After clearing out the Meanies in the asylum, they find Higginbotham.
Eve proposes that they should get rid of the infection by shrinking Sackboy and sending him into Higginbotham's head.
Even after clearing the infection, Higginbotham still appears to be insane.
Upon their return to Avalonia, Higginbotham repairs Huge Spaceship, but as they are about to leave, Avalon decides to make a speech, and is abducted by the Negativitron.
While traveling through the Cosmos to find the Negativitron's core, they check this out attacked by the Negativitron who vacuums up parts of the ship, damaging it.
Sackboy is sent to launch the escape pods to get the machines and the Sackbots out, and then escape.
Huge Spaceship crashes on the Negativitron's core planet and is shut inside a forcefield.
Larry Da Vinci sends out a message for Sackboy to help them, and after finding a White Sackbot Knight and rescuing him, he finds one of the Robobuns and uses it to rescue the Alliance.
After defeating a giant robot that was holding Avalon hostage, they make their way to the Negativitron's core.
The Negativitron shows up and launches his army of Meanies and guard-turkeys at them, but the Sackbot Army defends the Alliance members.
The Alliance congratulates Sackboy for rescuing them and saving Craftworld, and they decide to return home.
Shortly before the release of the game a new community website was launched with the aim of enabling users to find and share in-game creations more easily.
Every level is allocated a unique which users can copy and share with other people.
When signed into the website with their account, users may add levels to their 'Queue' enabling them to find the level quickly when they're in the game and connected to the game's servers.
If the user is playing LittleBigPlanet 2 and isn't currently in a level a Play Now button becomes available on the website which sends a command back to the game to navigate instantly to the selected level.
Website owners may use a selection of widgets to add live data from the game to any website.
A public is also available but access to it is provided by the game's developers on a case-by-case basis.
On 17 February 2011 a community-made semi-official level pack named Hansel and Gretelbot was released.
The series of levels, based loosely on the fairytale ofwas created by a team of community members who were approached by Media Molecule and asked to collaborate and attempt to make a set of levels that could match the quality of the game's story levels.
The series, created using only the in-game tools, features original music, voice acting and prizes.
It was then formally revealed by video game magazine in their June 2010 issue.
On 8 May 2010 Media Molecule officially confirmed that they were developing LittleBigPlanet 2 on their account and hinted that the game would be formally revealed on Monday 10 May 2010.
On 10 May 2010, the official website launched an announcement webpage and news article announcing the game with game details and an announcement trailer.
The announcement was also made on the with a Q4 2010 release date.
Numerous gaming websites reported about the game when an embargo lifted, including EuroGamer and IGN.
The game engine from the first game left has undergone major improvements for the sequel right including enhancements to the lighting and particle systems.
In October 2008, reported before the original game was released that Media Molecule had already begun development of a sequel to LittleBigPlanet.
The statement was later clarified in an interview with IGN, in which Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule stated, "we see LittleBigPlanet as a platform.
There will be a lot of additional content and it will vary in size and what it does.
And we've already started that, yes.
Because they don't want all of the user-generated content to be made obsolete, their focus was to "expand the game without partitioning the audience".
In July 2008, Media Molecule mentioned that should there ever be a LittleBigPlanet sequel that the game would feature backwards compatibility with the original game's user-created levels.
In November 2009, Level Designer Danny Leaver elaborated that a traditional sequel could fragment the LBP community, which would be "the most counter-productive thing you could do".
On 23 March 2010, reported LittleBigPlanet 2 was in development and would support the upcoming PlayStation Move controller.
Sony later denied this report saying that future content for the original title would be compatible with PlayStation Move.
Later on in May, along with the release of the trailer, Sony confirmed that LittleBigPlanet 2 would be compatible little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs Move.
Keyboard and mouse support in Create mode was initially announced however it was later confirmed that this feature was not included in the game at launch.
On 8 December 2010, Media Molecule posted an article entitled "The Music of LittleBigPlanet 2" in their official blog, in which they revealed the identities of the composers who had created original music tracks for the game.
The list of seven composers included Paul Thomson,with her music producer,Daniel Pemberton and Media Molecule's audio designer, Kenneth Young.
Media Molecule was asked in an IGN Q-and-A session how will be added into the game in future updates, the company revealed that they are working on integrating motion controls into the Play, Create and Share modes of the game: "The exciting thing to do with Move is, we're working on a play-create-share pack.
It'll also allow the community to make their own Move games and that's very cool.
A premium DLC pack titled Rise of the Cakeling was released shortly after and added new story levels and tools for creators enabling them to create PlayStation Move games.
A behind the scenes video was also released, this video was shot as the game was about to go gold.
The launch trailer was released on 21 January 2011, and is a tribute to the history of video gaming, as told from Sackboy's perspective.
A TV ad was released, which showcased the new in-game features, and highlighted how diverse and global the LittleBigPlanet community is.
A "Share" was also released, which showcased how to share the LittleBigPlanet 2 fun.
On 17 January 2011, Sony handed LittleBigPlanet 2 to selected gamers as they attempted to break the of 50 hours of consecutive game play.
The Guinness World Record of 50 hours of consecutive game play and four other records was broken after two days.
Customers who had the game on week one were given the "1 week only" DLC only available the first weekwhich consist of Launch Day "Space Suit" and "Rare" T-shirt.
As a special offer, customers who showed that they have checked in on Sony Style Store Foursquare received an autographed cover from and Limited Edition DLC.
The offer was only available on 18 and 19 January.
The first patch for the game, dubbed "Cupcake", addresses a number of technical issues which were affecting online play.
On 3 August 2011, Media Molecule released the Toy Story Level Kit, which is the first DLC pack to feature playable levels since the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 in January.
The premium pack includes 9 Toy Story themed levels, 5 materials, 10 decorations, 6 objects, 149 stickers and the Toy Story Alien Costume, which had previously only been available as a bonus for preordering LittleBigPlanet 2 from Best Buy, and bundled in the LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition.
The pack also includes music composed by Winifred Phillips and produced by Winnie Waldron.
The music includes three new Toy Story-themed music tracks, one of which is an interactive track.
In a review of the music on Gamertell.
On 7 September 2011, software update 1.
This patch added support for the PlayStation Move motion controller.
A downloadable content pack released the following week includes new story levels and creation tools, enabling users to create their own Move-based games and levels.
LittleBigPlanet 2 contains four types of music: linear, interactive, cinematic, and sequenced.
The game was released in North America on 18 January 2011 in mainland Europe on 19 January 2011, Australian and New Zealand on 20 January 2011 and in the UK and Ireland on 21 January 2011.
On 21 December 2010 SCEA PR Manager, Eric Levine, confirmed that the game has "gone gold", meaning the game was 100% finished and had been signed-off by SCE.
The LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Mode Little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs was made available as a free download from the on 21 December 2010 in North America and on 22 December 2010 in Europe.
The demo includes 3 levels from the game's story mode.
The auto manufacturer,offered free sponsored content when LittleBigPlanet 2 launched, including a free theme and a special -themed level.
The downloadable add-on included collectible items which players could use to build their own creations to win "some very cool prizes.
Cardboard and carpet transformed the familiar Home Square into an environment where Sackboy will feel right at home, in the European version of the PlayStation 3's online community-based service.
Each Slurpee cup bear a unique code, allowing a download for LittleBigPlanet 2 content and other Slurpee rewardssuch as a dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 system, the "Slurpee Sticker Pack", the Strategy Guide, the Sackboy Backpack forseveral ringtone, a behind the scene video, and a creator video.
The promotion ran until the end of March 2011.
A Sackboy easter egg was also spotted in.
Each pre-order consists of four costumes from the "Even More Animals" pack and up to two "special" costumes from and.
Which of the "special" costumes the player received depended upon where they pre-ordered the game.
All of the special edition versions of the game are sold in limited quantities and contain a copy of the game as standard or in special packaging.
SCEA marketing manager, Mark Valledor, announced a Collector's Edition for North America in July 2010.
The Collector's Edition for North America includes a copy of the game, a 7-inch Sackboyfive PlayStation Network avatars, LittleBigPlanet 2 bookends and 11 in-game costumes.
SCEE product manager, Alex Pavey, told the readers of the PlayStation Blog in November 2010 that there will also be a Collector's Edition released in Europe which different from the North American version.
It also includes seven in-game costumes and five PSN avatars.
There are four other in-game costumes: and.
These will be available through retailer-specific pre-order incentives, but details of these have not yet been announced.
The LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition will be available in different ways across Europe and the other PAL countries.
The Collector's Edition for Australia is very similar to the Collector's Edition for Europe.
It comes with the SteelBook packaging, eleven downloadable Sackboy costumes and five PSN Avatars.
It also included a 7-inch Sackboy plushie as a pre-order bonus.
In the UK, a console bundle is available which consists of a 320GB PlayStation 3 console, a DualShock 3 controller and a copy of the standard edition of the game.
Exclusive for North America, a Special Edition was released in November 2011.
The Special Edition was also included as a pack-in game with the 2011 holiday 160GB PS3 system bundles in North America.
An Extras Edition was originally set to be released in February 2013 but was delayed until March 2013 exclusively for Europe.
This edition features the original game and a range of bonus content previously released as DLC.
Bonus content consists of such as the "Cross-Controller Pack", "Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling", and "The Muppets Premium Level Kit".
The edition also includes plenty of costumes as "The Muppets Costume Pack 1", "Weekend Pursuits Costume Pack", "Deep Sea Adventures Costume Pack", "Sports Costume Pack", "Dogs Costume Pack", and the "Cats Costume Pack".
They praised the redesigned creation tools as "simple-to-grasp, all with huge potential" and said the game overall was "hugely improved" over the original.
He went on to commend the new creative tools, stating that the "focus of creating games in the game really shines through", referring to the new tool-set as "mindboggling deep".
Miller did however reserve some criticism for some of the same "frustrations" from the first game which are still present in the sequel, such as "floaty" jump controls.
According to ChartTrack, the original LittleBigPlanet sold 95 more copies than LittleBigPlanet 2 managed at it debut week.
LittleBigPlanet 2 remained the UK's biggest-selling PS3 game for two weeks in a row.
In Japan the game debuted at number five, selling 24,648 copies and in North America it topped the North American software sales in its debut week.
LittleBigPlanet 2 was ranked number four on 's sales charts for January 2011, selling over 353,000 units in its first couple of weeks.
On in November 2011, LittleBigPlanet 2 sold over 400,000 copies.
According to SCE, LittleBigPlanet 2 was one of the most popular games on PlayStation 3 in 2011.
The game received a nomination as "Best PS3 Game" in the 2011losing to another PS3 game.
The "Victoria's Lab" music track from LittleBigPlanet 2 was also nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award in the 'Best Song in a Video Game' category.
In the article The Best Game Music of 2011: LittleBigPlanet 2, features editor Kirk Hamilton praised both the collection of licensed tracks and the original score, singling out the music of composer and particularly her track "Victoria's Lab" as his favorite original music of the game, and the "Infotain Me" licensed track from electronic musician as capturing "the essence of the game".
LittleBigPlanet 2 was nominated for the 10th Annual Game big fishy Audio Network Guild Awards in the category 'Best Use of Licensed Music'.
LittleBigPlanet 2 was nominated for the 2011 in the category of 'Best Audio', which recognizes the overall excellence of audio in a game - including musical composition, orchestration, sound design, sound effects, etc.
LittleBigPlanet 2 was nominated for the 15th Annual in the categories of 'Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition', 'Outstanding Achievement in Online Game Play', and 'Family Game of the Year'.
The 10th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards nominated the original music track, "Victoria's Lab" from LittleBigPlanet 2 in the category of 'Best Original Vocal - Pop'.
The track was composed by and produced by.
At the 2011LittleBigPlanet 2 won in the Family and Best Innovation categories.
One player uses the PlayStation Move motion controller as a pointing device to manipulate the environment by triggering switches and moving platforms, while the others play using a gamepad to control Sackboy in the usual way.
Although billed as a PlayStation Network game, Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves' narrator introduces it as a "demo".
It features ten prehistoric-themed levels and was released on the in North America on 7 December 2010, and in Europe on 8 December 2010 for subscribers.
It was made available to other check this out in North America on 14 December 2010 and in Europe on 15 December 2010.
The game was also bundled with LittleBigPlanet 2 when it was released in January 2011.
He also criticised the game's lack of lasting appeal as there are no prizes or costumes to collect.
Miller did however say "If you have a bud who circus slots top big as into LittleBigPlanet as you are, you're going to have fun" and that the game could act as a good demonstration piece for the PlayStation Move.
The pack will feature levels themed around subjects including physics, maths, science, art and history and is designed to help engage students in these subjects.
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Our LittleBigPlanet 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for the behemoth PS3-exclusive sequel to MediaMolecule’s hit creation game. Little Big Planet 2 begins with a unique story mode that provides a beautifully reshaped world for Sackboy to explore and play.

Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
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its actually a little big planet flash game - YouTube

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102 product ratings - Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition PlayStation 3 PS3 Brand New. $19.99. FAST 'N FREE.. Video Games for Nintendo NES Little Samson. Feedback.

Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
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LittleBigPlanet 2 - Wikipedia

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(You need 2 players for this) make sure some one dies at the game quickly when your other player gets out of the check point hit them (hold L2/R2 the with the right stick) the one who has been slapped will not die (example: electricity, fire, spikes, and so on but not bombs).

LittleBigPlanet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
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Little Big Planet 3: The Flash Powers Prototype 2 - YouTube
Donate at Paypal: faq shillatime.
In this creative title, there is a lot you can do; So much that you can almost get lost, and that's something I'd regret to see happen.
I hereby present you my newest project on Little Big Planet, in which I will guide you through the story mode, help you build your own worlds, and even help you finish worlds that were created by others.
Like any of my other guides, I make sure my work is perfected out - so that nothing missable is missed, and that you get the most complete experience one can get from the game.
More importantly, I'll guide you through the levels in such a way that you will get the items as soon as possible - and as quickly as possible.
Add to that mix a good injection of humor and you get this Guide as result.
Furthermore, this Guide also features the newest Metal Gear Solid downloadable content.
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This Guide will stay up-to-date whenever a large Level Pack comes out.
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This has benefits for you and the world you created; It makes for publicity and people will play your world faster than they normally would, and it makes your level more playable if it was game big show bang to play it shouldn't be after reading a Guide by the own creator.
Thank you for reading, and I wish you loads of fun in Little Big Planet.
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Get a Grip 3.
Skate to Victory 4.
The Meerkat Kingdom 4.
The Wedding Reception 2.
Sensei's Lost Castle 3.
The Terrible Oni's Volcano 4.
The Dancer's Court 2.
Great Magician's Palace 4.
The Frozen Tundra 2.
The Collector's Lair 4.
Act 1: Introduction 2.
Act 2: VR Training 3.
Act 3: The Mission 4.
Act 4: The Level Factory 5.
Act 5: The Boss 6.
Right Analog: Used to rotate objects, Sometimes for camera movement.
L3 Button: Press to switch SIXAXIS movement from head to pelvis.
D-Pad: Used to control your Sackboys emotional expressions.
Hold X longer to jump further.
O: The Cancel button, Return button.
Square: Open Popit Menu.
Triangle: Used in creation mode to delete things.
In menus used for shuffling between pages.
L1: Used to shuffle between pages in menus.
SIXAXIS: All movements you make with your controller will move Sackboy.
To fixate Sackboy, press L3.
In the Popit you will gradually and quickly gain more options until all options below are available.
Score Bubbles are small orbs which are worth 10 points, and Prize Bubbles are larger bubbles that are worth 50 points.
Besides, if you collect a certain Prize Bubble for the very first time, you receive the prize that it was holding.
The highest multiplier you can get is 100x, which is gotten from 495 score bubbles in a row.
This will automatically adjust in LBP, with no effect to your save.
Besides, some saves are region locked.
You can use these codes up to five times, but only with one account.
So, how do you go about doing this?
You have to use the account, continue with an other account without deleting the used account from your Playstation, and you should be able to keep the costumes.
If a Costume Code does not work, this is because it is region locked.
The game will introduce you to Sackboy and it's creators.
Head to the right, jump over some cog wheels, push the blue barrel with X on it into the hole, make your way to the stairs and watch the instruction video on how to use the Popit for changing clothes.
You'll be able to get various costumes during the game.
Head past the Gong these are known as checkpoints - should you die, you're brought back here and the Gong's light circle is reduced slightly, so you can't keep dying infinitely.
Next, follow the path to the next introductory video - which is about the emotions of your Sackboy.
You can also move the Sixaxis controller to move your Sackboy.
You'll gain access to your personal pod, which you should see as your homebase where you can select what you want to do next.
A new world will open up for you, called The Gardens.
The next few levels will teach you more new things, plus they unlock a few goodies for you.
What are you waiting for, let's go!
Use Square to use your Podcomputer.
There are tiny blue bubbles which give 10 points.
Furthermore, there are Pickups inside large prize bubbles to be found when you play through levels.
If you grab these and play the level again, the pickup will be replaced by bubbles.
Regardless of the Pickup, these bubbles are always worth 50 points.
If you complete a level 100% by getting all pickups small bubbles are not necessarythen you'll unlock a prize.
Lastly, if you manage to "Ace" a level, which is a different term for beating a level without dying once, you get a prize once more.
This walkthrough mostly only mentions prize bubbles with pick-ups.
You will not always be able to place stickers on these the very first time you play the level, but after doing the level and some other levels you can place stickers in order to get more pick-ups.
It has a red cross through a sackboy.
This means that - should you be playing online - other players can no longer join you on this level.
Switches will be pointed out, and summarized at the end of the text, so that when you come back to the level with the necessary stickers, you can immediately skip ahead to that paragraph.
Furthermore, the levels always have a nifty checklist in which you can check for any missed items.
This goes from left to right, and there are 6 items in a row.
Triangle allows you to hear whatever someone has to say again.
Head right to meet Dumpty, and jump over a bunch of mushrooms.
You can kick Dumpty off to the left and grab a point or 70 that are hidden inside him.
Take note of the cardboard shoe hanging above the wall, you'll need it for 100% completion.
Jump over the wall and pass the Gong.
Jump over the next wall and pass another gong.
Here you officially meet bubbles, which are points.
Get 5 in a row and you'll double your points.
You can also grab Dumpty the one speaking and pull him off to grab more points when he breaks.
Head to the right past the Gong and climb the hills.
At the end jump over a few obstacles and you'll get to the first dangerous situation.
Water, which is deadly.
If you want all bubbles, jump on each part of the cog wheel.
Once across, you'll notice some bubbles on a platform you can't reach with just jumping.
To get those, pull Dumpty off to the left and jump on him to reach the platform.
Continue until you get to a bridge that tears apart.
Stand on the red button to activate a tutorial on suicide.
Which, it has to be said, is quite useful in LBP here and there.
You'll end up across.
Proceed until you meet the queen and watch the introductory video on stickers and how to use them.
Stick some on the doll and the bridge will open.
Points can be collected here, and if you're wise, move away until all points have stacked.
Grab them all at once for a nice multiplier.
Last but not least you'll get to the Scoreboard which indicates the end of the road.
If you're online you can see how well you ranked against other players.
You can now return to your pod to play the next level, or you can try this level again.
Replay: ------- To Ace the level, the only tricky point is the collapsing bridge.
If you trigger the race by placing the Rainbow Shoe Sticker on the Carbon Shoe, a bird will drop down at the bridge, which you can grab with R1 to swing over safely.
Prize Bubbles In Level: 51 1st Playthrough %: 47%?
Same goes for the next wall, except with two crates.
If you want to grab two hidden stickers, and I'm sure you'd like to, push the big crate to the left, near the rooftops.
Also remember the cardboard star on the left of the rooftops.
You'll be able to get that sticker later, at the end of the 3rd level.
For the next wall beyond, simply jump on, walk to the higher edge, grab it and knock it down, push it to the wall and voila.
There is also another Star here, which we'll get to in a later playthrough.
If you want to get another hidden sticker - for free big cum consider beware because it's a little tricky to get - vegas wins slot big machine must jump on the treetops about halfway down the hill.
You have only one shot at doing this, and you must turn the analog stick a little bit so Sackboy will move away from you, deeper into the level as you will.
Also take note of the 3rd Star here.
When you jump off the wall, be careful to grab all points, or it'll be a little tricky to grab them.
In the next section, grab one of the objects and swing to another in order to make it across the water.
If you check the clouds further to the left you'll also notice a 5th Star.
Head back and you'll stumble on the first Key - these things unlock challenges - which you can grab by swinging the object towards it.
This Key unlocks the Castle Climb Challenge, a Mini Level.
Head right afterwards and watch the decoration tutorial.
Jump on the donkey, hold it tight, and ride it to the near end of the level.
Replay: ------- You need not replay this level right away - it's better to wait until you have the Yellow Star sticker which can be gotten at the end of the next level.
Yeah, yeah, we'll get to that later.
Head to the right and grab the bird.
Grab the mills to swing over the swamps, while trying to swing right through all point bubbles.
If you miss a few, it's better to use the mill again to swing back, rather than jumping back.
When performing your last swing, the platform you land on will crumble.
Also take note of the rotating Star in this area, which you'll again, yeah, yeah, get to later.
You'll notice some stuff hanging on the left, but we'll get to those soon enough, so continue right.
Head over the bridges and grab the jetpack, which allows you to float in a certain range.
Let's focus our attention on the small puzzle closeby.
Grab two of the barrels from the stack and place them in the box with the other barrel to open up the gate.
Also grab Dumpty's upper half and snatch his points.
You'll now be in a very creepy place.
Grab the small crate from the right and use it to hop on the platforms.
Press the button at the third platform to free the way.
The ghost here doesn't come down straight, so watch that bastard.
Here, press another button for a shoe once more, and ride it up.
You can also use the shoe to grab the Challenge Key, but be careful you don't hit the ghost.
Also take note of the Red Lion Emblem here.
You'll have to come back with it's sticker some other time.
It is possible to get two more prize bubbles that are hidden on the left of the ghost, but it's a little tricky to swing towards them.
You'll need to release the button fairly quickly, plus the ghost must not hinder you.
It may take several attempts to do this.
Alternatively you can jump at the right time when the "lift" reaches it's summit.
Again beware of the ghost.
Once here, you can also actually move to the left and find a hidden room with, yeah, yeah.
Another star that we'll have to pass on.
Continue upwards, pull the rock and proceed.
It's time for a https://agohome.ru/big/gladiator-big-game-reels.html race.
You can pull the "Dumpty" off and score points from his belly.
Pull the skateboard and quickly jump on.
Proceed to meet the first creator and walk to the scoreboard to finish the level.
After finishing this level, you'll gain access to My Moon!
You can now start to create your own worlds!
The tutorials that explain this to you will give you many unlockable items, so it's worth doing.
Well, go do some tutorials.
You'll have to wait for the Red Lion Emblem, however.
Yes, it's all about timing.
At the beginning it's best to stay in the middle, but as the tie swings faster you may need to move a little.
Castle Climb Challenge Unlock with Challenge Key in Get a Grip ---------------------- This is a race, and the faster you race to the end, the higher your score.
You have 120 seconds to reach the top.
At the very start, smoothly go over the balancers and try to grab all points.
When you get to the swingers you'll have to be careful to jump at the very edge of the platform to ensure that you make the jump.
Some more balancers and swingers await you, but the hardest part of the level is the last bit with the clouds above a bed of spiky nails.
Your best bet is to do this right the first time and jump "with the flow" so that the clouds don't move like crazy.
This is exactly what happens when you die, and you don't want that.
Skateboard Freefall Unlock with Challenge Key in Skate to Victory ------------------- This is a short 'vehicle' race, but it can be difficult to score really high scores.
You have to make sure you don't flip over with the skateboard, while going as fast as you possible can.
The start also takes up quite some time, so immediately rush to the skateboard and push it with all your power.
Jump on it in time and continue to tap X like madness, yes, MADNESS!
I wish you luck.
Climb it's neck and head to the right to find yet more.
Continue to the right and swing across the bed of spikes by using three monkey tails.
The next monkey also lends a tail.
Admittedly this one can be tricky.
You can also get the giraffe's butt and try to get it that way.
The giraffe more to the right can be grabbed, after which he'll lift you up.
To the right is a two player section.
Follow the path and use the monkey tail to swing to the left where a whole punch of points and prize bubbles await you.
There is also a monkey there which will lift you, so continue the path there after grabbing everything on the very left.
After getting it all that stuff, continue to the right until you reach monkeys dancing in fire.
One more prize bubble can be found near the flower, and you'll have to drop down from the platform below.
Proceed to the race.
Replay: ------- Well, basically try to ace the level and do the 2-player stage if you haven't done so already.
Proceed to the right, jump over the platforms, use the monkey to swing over a burning gap and reach a Gong.
Hop onto little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs of the buffalo's and head to the very right.
Be sure to jump off to the right in time.
Now you're ready to hop onto one of the buffalo's headed left.
When you reach the next platform you'll notice you can't reach the prize bubble.
This is part of a sticker puzzle to the left.
This one's gotten from the next level.
Return and follow the bridge, ride some more buffalo's and be sure to hop on the platform with the Gong.
Ride the buffalo's and quickly jump for the balls which you can use to safely swing over the giant crocodile.
What follows is a straight forward swinging process over more crocodiles.
You'll reach a platform with a monkey.
Don't go into the crocodile mouth yet.
Now swing to the left as far as you can to reach a higher path.
Jump on the platform below slightly on the right if you grabbed the large red vase.
Head back to the monkey on the right and this time, head into the crocodile's mouth.
Continue right and jump on the creatures pop their heads.
Head right and swing to the cave above for a 2-player cave.
Have the other player move the zebra block between the door so player one can get through when leaving the button.
Go back to where you came from.
Smoothly swing down and pop the 3 creatures down below.
Best to jump when they move toward you, I've found that works the best for me.
Head to the left and you'll see a diamond shaped sticker trigger.
The diamond sticker maybe?
Proceed to the right.
You'll notice some crocodiles in the distance.
You'll have to run and hop on the ball, use it to get onto the croc, small big world game hop back to the ball afterwards.
Go down and head right.
Now proceed to the end of the level and laugh at Mr.
Ace the level and.
Grab your Fluffy Tree Sticker The Savannah; 1st Level - Swinging Safari and place it on the submarine.
Continue until you get to a race.
Finish the race on the right.
In the room to the left you can use the meerkats to eject you into the air.
The next part can be a bit tricky.
When you drop to the ground, don't hit the spikes.
Should you fall down prematurely, you can use the spikes - or suicide - to get back on top 2x Players: ----------- To the left is a 2 Player stage.
Have one player stand on the left side of the ledge so that the other player can go down and hold it down for the other one.
Have one player pull the zebra block away from the wall so the other can use it to jump on the ledge.
Continue to the right and have one of the players launch the other into the air by jumping on the belly of the meerkat, while the other stands on it's head.
Tough luck if you don't reach it - which means you're going to have to play the level again some time.
Continue down below, mind the spikes.
Proceed, and you'll find Meerkat Mum.
Continue to the left and a meerkat will block the lower way.
Jump on him and check out the background where the light is hanging before any bubbles.
From here, move right to a hidden area.
Head back and proceed left to the club.
Use the meerkats on the ground to launch one another in the air.
You'll find Stripy Tail on the left side of the area, with some NICE looking female meerkats.
Err, I meant, My OH my!
Now drag him back to his mommy and continue your way to the right.
Jump over the spikes, and use the meerkats to jump to the higher levels here.
When you get really high, head into the cave on the upper left with a Sackboy head.
Head to the right and use the meerkats to launch you higher.
You can use the meerkat multiple times to score as many points as you like - but when you're tired of it you can also head right to end the level.
Replay: ------- Not much to replay, except for the 2 player stages and a tricky item.
Go ahead and ace this level too!
In order to unlock Hard, finish Medium.
There are no bubbles in this level, it's just a race to the end.
In Medium and Hard you'll often have to lower the seesaws by pulling them down at one end.
In the Hard mode you'll come across a pinball flipper which - if you jump hard and accurately on it - will eject you all the way over a few nasty obstacles.
This saves you the trouble.
You get 60, 90, and 120 seconds for Easy, Medium and Hard respectively.
Tunnel Plunge: Unlocked with Challenge Key from The Meerkat Kingdom -------------- Basically jump into the tunnel and avoid all spikes - while getting to the finish ASAP - within 60 seconds.
Your best bet for getting high scores is to simply try over and over again.
Meerkat Bounce: Unlocked with Challenge Key from The Meerkat Kingdom --------------- Bounce away baby!
Hit the red button on the right to initiate the mini-game.
Grab the bubbles as quickly as possible and try to get a highscore.
I suggest you don't jump too high - because of the burning rocks and flytrap creatures.
Continue through the skeleton's mouth and jump on the platform to the right.
The prize bubbles on the higher platforms can easily be gotten by pulling the platforms to the side by grabbing the basket material in the middle.
Continue to the right.
You'll come across a jumping platform.
Take a little practice and grab those prizes.
You can continue to the right -upper and lower paths differ- in two ways.
From the platform with the prize bubble you can get to the upper platform with a sticker puzzle you can soon solve.
Below you'll have to deal with the buttle creature.
Pop his brain in his mouth when it's not electrified, and be sure you don't jump against the spiked roof.
Continue and you'll come across five balloons.
Once you make it to one of the platforms, it is also barely possible to jump to another, but you can also just be lazy and use the other balloons.
Move to the right and free big games to play on pc be in a room with a lot of score points.
The skull in the middle can launch you to any of the bungee balls - which will allow you to score the points.
To the left of this room is a slightly hidden tunnel with prize bubbles.
More to the right is another room with prize bubbles.
You can also reach these by using the bungee from the room on the left.
Continue to the right and jump over the skeleton don't proceed up - yet.
Kill the first butler, but only after you've jumped on his head in order to grab the points above.
To the right is a 2 player room.
The skulls on the left and right will open their mouths to reveal points.
Continue to the right and ride the skull elevators up.
Also take the low route for some points.
The next area is pretty self-explanatory.
First of all, there is a hidden tunnel on the lower left - that is, before you use any of the jumping platforms.
Drop yourself down carefully and press left.
Proceed right, head over the bridge, and use the skulls to lift you in the air.
The last two are floating - and a bit more difficult to get.
Time your jump well.
Head to the left of the platform and jump onto the large skeleton with a hat.
The one on top of the hat is trickier; Jump on the top part of the head which is in the background, mind you when it tilts to the right.
Continue to the right to find Frida and the scoreboard.
Replay: ------- Use the acquired Skeleton Hat Sticker and place it on the upper platform near the start of the level above a butler as described in the walkthrough.
Proceed and meet up with the dog of Don Lu.
You can ride his back, and if you're standing on his head he'll move forward - if you're standing on his behind he'll move backward.
You can use him to ride over spikes and such.
Let's give it a try shall we?
You'll soon get to several spikes and two prize bubbles in the back.
Grab the plank and drag it down so the dog can continue up with you.
You'll have to take the lower path here because of the gas swirling around in the upper path.
Stay close to the dog's light.
When you reach the end of the path, jump on the ledge, flip the switch back and forth so our trusty dog can catch a ride with the lift, and hop on the rear of the dog.
Continue, and hop off the dog's back when you reach the trap.
Ride the skeleton lifts - beware you don't jump against their spiked roofs - and grab the prize bubble on the right during the last elevator ride.
The prize bubble on top of the final skeleton skull is tricky indeed to get.
Hop on top of the second skull and leap all the way to the left so you can grab the skull and swing it all the way to the left.
The next area is very dark at times, so walk through it slowly.
There are three well hidden prize bubbles to be found in the background jump around in the background behind things.
Be careful of the spikes on the main path, and be more wary of the bats coming up next.
When you proceed from here, grab the skeleton skull to swing over the spikes while avoiding the bat.
The next skull can be grabbed to slide over the next spikes.
Jump on the block from the stairs and proceed your way.
Continue and find Don Lu on the ground.
In order to drag him over to the right, swing over the spikes using the skull bungees.
At the end flip the switch and the spikes will be removed.
You can also use the first skull bungee to get to a 2 player stage up beyond, on the upper left.
The upper player must drop down from above and grab the three prize bubbles source the spikes.
In order to get the bubbles at the very end, the lower player must hop over all the spikes, which is impossible in the dark.
The upper player must shine a light on them so they can make it through.
The upper player must, in the end, hop on the button so the lower player can pass through.
Climb the stairs, jump on the button and Don Lu will be launched next to you.
You can either continue or do another 2 player part.
The player that gets launched into the air must also jump themselves when the ejecter does it's thing in order to give an extra boost.
When you can't drag him further, proceed on your own.
Ride the first elevator up and stand close to the wall.
Go all the way up now.
Instead of right, head left and grab the skull to go up.
Go inside the Popit and select the Pixel Skull sticker from this level and place it on all five skeletons.
Now head back and head right.
Follow the path to the scoreboard.
Replay: ------- There's not much to replay except for the 2 Player stages and Acing the level.
This is a race and you're being chased.
While being chased you should try to get all prize bubbles as well, which is a difficult task.
Once you start the race, run as fast as you can - but be SURE to stay on top of the plat forms: take your time doing so, because missing one usually means you miss out several prize bubbles.
It must be noted that if you die, a gong will appear in the air and replace you there.
This is a double-ringed gong, which grants you twice as much lives than a regular gong.
Keep the pace up and do the level several times: A few times to score all prize bubbles, and a few times or perhaps once, if you're good to ace the level.
Jump through the holes of the platforms in order to avoid the poison gas below and above you.
As a rule, try not to go too low: sometimes two holes come right after each other.
Wobble Poles: Unlocked by Challenge Key from The Wedding Reception ------------- In this minigame you'll have to race to the finish within 30 seconds!
You'll come across plenty of wobble poles, which make for the upper path.
Needless to say, the upper path is faster and holds more score bubbles.
The score bubbles are nice to score points, but they also significantly improve your score due to their time-stopping ability.
Unfortunately for you, the upper path is also more difficult.
If you fall off somewhere, it doesn't necessarily have to mean your death.
You can continue the lower path - and deal with a lesser score.
Bubble Labyrinth Unlocked by Challenge Key from The Darkness ---------------- Use the sponges to make your way around the labyrinth, and don't touch any hot coals twice.
The best way to score major points is to finish this level as fast as possible - looking for score bubbles will not improve your score more than racing quickly.
Head right and pull the stacked blocks to the right.
Climb the mountain - jump on the red button to blow up some explosives and wait after that for a burning rock to roll down.
At the next button be even more precautious - two burning boulders come rolling down after blowing the wall that was rigged with explosives, so it might be best to jump back to the foreground.
Also grab the Challenge Key that's hanging around the cow's neck.
If you step on the red button, be sure to hop to the foreground - or a huge burning boulder will crush you.
The other player can grab one of the mines and carefully drag it to the rightmost minecart.
Once inside, have the other player position the cart to the very end of the tracks - which should cause a standstill.
Get out of the cart, flip the lever which triggers the conveyer belt's movementand when the cart is in place on the leftso the exact same with the other cart, except when the cart is about halfway the conveyor belt, flip the switch the other way to raise the belt and have it move in the opposite direction.
Climb the houses and push the red button.
Now continue your way to the right.
Also get the Challenge Key.
Also take your time to make the red dude fart a lot by simply grabbing him.
Tap that R1, alright!
You'll meet the evil sheriff here.
Press the button and hop onto the rocket, which will get you over the ravine.
Head past the jail and go into the tunnel, but beware of the scorpions.
At the end, grab the colored block ignore The Collector who grabs the romancing pair from the hotel and place it next to the explosives cart.
Climb it to reach the higher ledge.
Here, place the Orange Bird Sticker The Savannah - The Meerkat Kingdom on all five birds.
If you miss, you get blown up.
Head back to the explosives cart and make your way through the scorpions.
Now take the cart with you to the jail.
Go to the door of the jail and stuff gets blown up.
Some are hidden in the building.
Jump down the hole and grab the jetpack.
With the jetpack, grab an explosive ball and drop it at the end of the tunnel to remove the rocks.
You'll have to do this several times.
Once through, you will be able to get some more jetpacks.
Explosives can be found to the right, and if you grab some you can blow a hole in the rock-floor on the left to reveal a 2 player area.
This takes 4 bombs at the very least.
Carefully and slowly make your way though the three wooden spikes, and don't swing that explosive around too much - that includes the ground.
Use the bombs to clear the path ahead.
On the right you'll find a sticker puzzle.
Hop onto one of the carts and enjoy the shaky ride.
At the end, proceed and pop two creatures' heads.
Hit the red button in the next room and pull the switch.
Two carts are moving back and forth, one above your head and one on the same level as you.
Pull the lever again to close the carts and ride it across.
Jump to the upper cart and ride it across.
Head back and continue your way.
The creatures here can be disabled by walking under them and stay exactly in the middle when they land on their feet.
You should land on the upper platform on the right, where you can pull the fabric to release a bomb - which should clear the path immediately.
Drop down and press the red button to release mine carts.
Hold on tight from here until the end.
When you continue, head down with the no-so-comfortable conveyor belt.
You'll have to jump over to the other side, which can be a little tricky.
Pop the nearby creature and get ready for a race.
Hit the red button to release a timed-explosive, which will blow up if the arrows face each other.
Jump to the left to finish the race, but do some backtracking to the room you were in and notice a cart with explosives.
Continue to the left and hop in another cart.
When you hop off, pop the creature and proceed to the rotating wheels which can grab.
Hop into the next cart after pressing yet another red button.
A next cart will bring you to safety.
When you pass the gong, head into the background and walk up.
Here is another sticker puzzle, and this one requires the Mexican Scary Mask next lvl - Serpent Shrine to unlock some prize bubbles.
There is also another 2 player stage up ahead.
In the next room, have one player hold on to the wheel s and have the other player press the button s so that the other player can move from wheel to wheel until the reach the ledge on the very left.
Not all wheels can be grabbed.
Keep this in mind while navigating down.
Jump into the hall on the right after having landed on the second metal wheel.
Immediately beware of the three creatures roaming this place, and pop their nasty looking heads right away.
Head right, and you'll fall down.
Better start running, because a huge boulder will be chasing you a-la Crash Bandicoot style!
Do TINY hops over any firy rocks until you reach safety.
Switch between layer to move to the left.
Pop the creature's head and head right.
Continue and hop over a few more gaps, then use the trampoline to jump into the air.
Also pop the enemy below, and use the trampoline to land on the platform way in the upper right.
Pop the two creatures below, and continue to the right.
Then proceed upwards and learn more here over the gap.
Swing over the fire and head into the tunnel when the snake has just passed.
Quickly drop down to a lower level, but beware of the snake.
Head right again and leap over the gaps and fire until you reach another trampoline.
First, head right and pop the creature.
Head up until you reach a gong.
You can also use the Green Gecko Sticker here - which will lower a series of blocks that serve as a bridge.
Head back to the gong.
The prize bubble nearby can be reached by popping the creature and get that extra jump boost.
Use the fabric ball on the right to ascend.
You can go left to get some more prize bubbles.
Head into the tunnel when the snake has just passed by, and grab onto the fabric ball which comes tumbling down when the snake nears againand use it to get to the left platform.
Head back to the gong and hop from platform to platform while dodging the giant snakes.
Continue right until you get to a fabric ball.
You can hold onto another fabric ball right above you, which leads to a 2 player area.
Have one player hop over the gap and head for the red button - but don't press it yet - and have the other player make a run for the fabric ball in the tunnel, right when the snake has passed.
When the player reaches the ball, have the other player stand on the button in time so that the other gets pulled into safety.
Move onto the other two fabric balls and repeat the process.
Pass the gong and push the crate to the right, and hop into the background to proceed further to the right.
Here is a sticker puzzle, and you need the Orange Motif Sticker this level, but only with the Green Gecko Sticker.
Head back and proceed to the left.
Jump from platform to platform, and watch out for snakes and falling rocks.
When you reach the tunnel with the gong, dive in after the gong.
Proceed to the right and carefully hop and hop and hop.
Cross the bridge - and beware - which will collapse when you pass halfway.
Quickly make your way to the next gong.
When the snake has passed, hop into the tunnel and grab the fabric ball s.
Proceed and hide in the alcove with a gong.
Dive down and quickly grab the next fabric ball.
Nearby is a huge gap which you should smoothly swing over.
When he leaves, jump on the ledge he was standing and jump to the left.
Head right when you're ready, and you'll meet sheriff Zapata once more.
Time to teach him a lesson!
BOSS FIGHT 1: SHERIFF ZAPATA ---------------------------- First of all, note that the checkpoint has a double ring - which grants you twice as many lives as usual.
Second, Zapata has a clear pattern.
He will first throw three general bombs at you, one far away, one at medium distance, the last at close proximity.
Stay in the middle and dodge these.
He will then throw you a timed explosive, which you should immediately grab and lay next to his wall.
Do this three times successfully and the fight moves on to the next stage.
The next stage is harder in my opinion, and you have only one circle at the checkpoint.
He'll toss out a timed explosive, then highlight the box which he will bomb with two bombs, then the next, and then another timed explosive.
The boxes move up and down, so you'll have to be extremely quick with the explosive to drag it to the sheriff.
Do it three times successfully and he'll be toast.
Only the middle box and the box closest to the sheriff will be bombed, by the way.
I wish you good luck with acing this bastard.
Make sure you keep holding him tight, and speaking of tight, presssing X will give you extra power at tight spots - in case you're about to get stuck.
The faster you are, the higher your score, obviously.
Roller Run Unlocked by Challenge Key in The Mines ---------- This is another variation on the regular race, because you're dealing with spinning wheels.
I suggest you don't always grab a wheel - jump when you can, and grab when you must; This seems to be the golden rule.
There are three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
Finish a difficulty to unlock the next.
Puzzle Wheel Unlocked by the Challenge Key in The Mines ------------ Quickly jump to the lever and pull it right.
Keep pulling it right until the two inner barrels have to drop down slightly, then continue to the right.
Do this a few times for practice and you'll get the hang of it.
It's a matter of hundreds of seconds, and don't forget to quickly run to the finishline after opening the door.
Cowabunga Unlocked by Challenge Key in Boom Town --------- What to say?
Stay on the cow!
Bubbles will be shot in the air behind the cow, and you must grab them while staying on the cow.
Don't go out of your way for them, and keep your cool.
At the start, just walk around smoothly.
When things get nastier, still try to relax and don't jump too often.
Only jump when you absolutely have to jump.
Pull the lever to the left to drive the car https://agohome.ru/big/big-top-circus-slots.html the front, and pull it to the right to drive backwards.
If only driving was so simply in real life.
A sticker puzzle is nearby - A Route 77 board for which you get the sticker later on this level is easily passed.
Replay the level when you get the sticker.
Proceed to the right and hop on the red car.
Press the button to be launched in the air.
Continue to the 2nd red car on the left.
Press the button and grab the light.
Swing into the alcove on the right and flip the switch to the right to open up a gate below.
You'll open up a taxi garage, and a sticker puzzle is inside.
You'll first have to collect the Pink Blaster Sticker however this levelso go back to the red cars.
To get to the lower room, drop down and immediately push left to fall in that room.
From the lowest room, however, you can continue your swinging to the left by jumping to the yellow stoplight.
Now use the 3rd red car to reach the light again, and swing to the right.
Move the car somewhat to the right and use the button to lift yourself up in the air.
After grabbing these obvious prize bubbles, let's not forget the less obvious placed ones, shall we?
Oh you didn't know?
Well, if you drive the car to the left, and use it to launch yourself on the ledge above, there is a little block you can push to the left, which will poop the prize bubbles through the tunnel, making them ripe for the taking for you.
Drive the car all the way to the right afterwards.
Hop in your car and drive over the ramp.
Proceed to the right.
Park the car under the electric spinners and launch yourself through the middle.
Also check out the 2 Player area by flipping the lever and going down.
Make sure the player below doesn't get electrified.
Race the car to the right afterwards, and race Ze Dude.
Finish the level on the right.
There are a total of 13 prize bubbles to be found during your descent, and you can't get them all during one playthrough, unfortunately.
Head to the right and hop onto the metro.
Hop on the platform coming up at the right when you get the chance.
Hop to the left part and get the Yellow Fries Sticker which you should or could've gotten just now from the elevatorand stamp it on the wall below when no metro is passing in front of it.
Ah, so they're called trains here?
In my country we have Trams, Metros and Trains, and when something is driving in the subway, it's called a Metro.
It's also possible for a Train to go underground which essentially can also called a subway, but not on the streetsbut trains are much larger - and they're yellow.
Anyway, what am I talking about?
Head right and step into the elevator.
Pull the lever down, and.
Make a stop about at the 2nd electrified tracks, and look to the left.
Head back to the elevator and ride it all the way down.
Hop onto the metro going left and prepare yourself to jump over some electrified objects.
Continue, going down this time, and make your way to the next platform with a gong.
I'm being consistent now to reach it.
Hop onto the metro in the background.
Be warned, you'll soon have to maneuver through some tricky placed ventilators that can easily kick you off the metro, but you know what they say: A warned Sackboy counts for two!
Head to the end, and prepare yourself for a race.
Also take note of the sticker puzzle here, which you can't solve yet, because the Intense Blue Graffiti Sticker is found in the next level.
You and I both know that's not going to happen the first time through, and the Challenge Key will take some practice.
But don't worry be happythere's always the Replay option.
Meet up with Mags again, and pull the lever to the left.
Drop the crane and her car will be pulled out of the sewer drains.
Before you continue, check out the 2 player area on the very left before Mags.
Have the player on the left side jump on the button there so that the first player can also continue.
Have one player hop onto the cart to the left.
Many come right after a lethal gas leak which you should try to avoid.
A little further, hop onto the platform and grab on to the fabric ball which you should swing to the left.
Continue to the right to finish.
Hop over the beams, and when you get to the last one, stand on its left side so its right side goes up.
Quickly storm to the other side and jump to the upper right platform.
Hop down and press the button so you can continue to the right.
When you've made it across the gap, hop onto a small beam.
Perform the same trick as you did when you grabbed the three prize bubbles on the higher platform, and jump to your left.
Press the button, and the "lift" will come up again.
The main path wants you to go left, but you can also use the lift to get on the platform on your upper right.
Let's try that, shall we?
Perform the same little trick by stepping on the left side of the beam and running up the higher end on the right.
Once there, head right and hop onto the beam.
A big sticker puzzle is here for you to solve.
You should have all three stickers by now: Skyline 2 + 3 + 4.
There is an upper row and a bottom row.
Here's where to place the stickers: Upper Row Left to Right : Skyline 4 mirroredSkyline 2, Skyline 4 mirrored.
Lower Row Left to Right : Skyline 4, Skyline 3, Skyline 2.
Nice, very nice indeed.
Head back to the main path, and go left.
A creature will bother you here, but you need his brain boost for a prize bubble located on the left.
Use the next few fabric balls to swing over the gap, and you'll be right at the start of another race.
The latter is near the red gas of the second section, so, ehm, source little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs the fabric balls to make your way through the race and ride the elevator up.
If you continue, some sort of basketball will roll towards you.
So that's what they call these things nowadays.
Head for the gong.
You can now do the puzzle sticker in the previous level.
Pop the creature on the next platform and use the beam to get higher up.
The next beam allows you to go higher up once more, but this time you can choose which way.
To the left is a 2 player area, to the right is the regular level.
Here, grab the block and put it onto the beam.
After doing so, the block allows you to reach the prize bubbles on top of the crane control room.
Or rather, pop it's head - but only when you're standing under the fabric ball.
Don't forget the Challenge Key while you're at it.
By now you know how to handle these beams, don't you?
Just move to one and another side.
You know the drill.
Go back to below and proceed to the right.
Use the beams to cross and prepare yourself for the upcoming flaming barrels.
Take a break at the platform, then make another dash for the remaining prize bubbles on the right, and hop over any and all barrels.
Jump over a barrel when you're standing still on a beam - this works best.
Take a good look at the checkpoint; it's got two rings.
One guess what that means.
You're right, it's time for a boss fight!
BOSS FIGHT 2: ZE DUDE + BOUNCERS -------------------------------- The fight starts with Ze Dude's Bouncers getting at you.
They shoot burning barrels from their guns, and your goal is to bounce them back at the bouncers by grabbing the device marked with R1 on the right.
One hit back at them will suffice in destroying them.
First, take out the left bouncer he's somewhat easierthen the right one.
Ze Dude is much tougher than his bouncers, as you might've expected.
The stage will now move up and down, which can cause the multiple barrels he shoots at you to roll towards you.
Needless to say, he also moves much faster than his bouncers, making him harder to hit.
The bright side is that you only need to hit him once as well, just like his bouncers.
Time this well, because that's all it takes, timing.
Go to the background to walk past the stairs and it will be yours.
Now step on the scoreboard to finish the level.
I suggest riding the red car, I think it's a little bit faster than the blue one.
You can grab the sponge material to boost your speed, but only for a really short time a few seconds.
Boost when you're on the ground, riding upwards.
The Discombobulator Unlocked by the Challenge Key in Subway ------------------- You're running onto a conveyor belt and obstacles will come at you.
Oh, you should also collect point and stay alive!
If that's not multitasking, then I don't know what is.
Or maybe I do.
What I know for certain is that this minigame can get very difficult when the conveyor belt starts moving really fast, and you should make it your goal to stay alive, rather than scoring points.
Let those points come automatically.
Elevation Unlocked by the Challenge Key in Subway --------- You may recognize this from the Subway level, and it's the exact same principle, except this time it's a race as well with a 180 seconds timer.
Avoid the gas leaks and score as many points as you can.
That's all there is to it.
Cross the bridge and pass the gong.
Continue left and meet Grandmaster Sensei, who's cloud you should not touch if you want to live.
Grab the red lanterns and swing across the gas-filled gap.
Hop over some other platforms and quickly in-one-go jump onto the fabric ball.
That's a tricky one.
Quickly run over the wooden planks until you have to jump to a fabric ball.
Speaking of tilting platforms, hop onto them and make your way to the top, popping the creatures which you don't need in order to get any of the prize bubbles.
To get the prize bubbles, just stand on the high side of the little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs and jump in the air at the right time.
Well, a bunch of platforms that flip every few seconds.
Grab the fabric staff when Sensei tells you to, and be lifted into higher spheres.
Here, head left and pop the phrase, the big casino roy grutman not creatures.
Don't proceed left quite yet, instead hop on the wooden box and jump from platform to platform.
Yes, the rewards are nice.
Yes, you'll probably die several times.
When you get to the second red lantern, smoothly and carefully land on the small platform.
Again, jump from platform to are big brother game show that until you reach a bigger one, you know, one you can safely stand on.
To get the final two prize bubbles below youuse the red lantern on your right and swing it all the way to the left.
Yes, now it's time to proceed to the left.
Let the wheel take you down, but be sure to hold on to it.
Don't go down the next wheel just yet, but take the time to place the Geisha Sticker on the cardboard to the left.
This will lower three platforms which are, admittedly, quite tiny.
Now go down with the wheel, run over the small planks don't jump!
Next up are more shaky platforms, but we've been there, done that.
Pop the creatures and decide for yourself if you want to enter the 2 player stage above, or continue with the level by simply moving to the left.
Have one player stand on the lift, have the other one pull the lever.
Have the first player step into the big wheel, and start rotating it.
Player two can now advance because of the pillars going down.
Just be sure to keep the pace steady, because the pillars close again behind player two.
There's a gong right before you start a race.
It's a peculiar race, and a tricky one at that.
You'll have to step from stone pillar to stone pillar until you reach the highest one.
My advise, go slow, really slow.
It's best to do this right in little attempts and save a lot of time.
Cross the bridge and use the trampoline to eject you up.
Stop halfway and grab the prize bubble to your left.
Continue to the top and head left.
However, right before the gong you can move to the background and give yourself a perhaps not-so pleasant deja-vu.
You may want to wait doing this, because there's also a sticker puzzle up there for which you need the Japanese Samurai Sticker, and you don't get it until the next level.
You might as well swat two flies in one, right?
Continue with the main path and use the wheels to get down.
Head down the ramp and before you proceed, have a look at the sticker puzzle here.
This one requires a sticker you get in the third level of this world, but remember it for a Replay.
Replay: ------- The second sticker puzzle you need the Japanese Samurai Sticker for, which you get in the Sensei's Lost Castle.
The third sticker puzzle near the end of the level requires the Japanese Stork Sticker, gotten from The Terrible Oni's Volcano.
First pull it to the right with the lever, then hit the button and swing away.
Hop down and proceed right.
Pop the two creatures here and head upstairs.
Jump to the ledge on the left first and beware of the creature.
On this platform, first head left and walk "through" the wall.
This is a sticker puzzle, but you should already have both stickers required to unlock the prize bubbles, namely the Blue Mountain and Japanese Wave Stickers, both from this level.
Head back to the wheels.
The next part is a bit tricky.
You'll have to make your way by going from wheel to wheel, and some wheels have material on them that cannot be grabbed.
To top it all off, there is a prize bubble that you have to jump for at the upper right, and this isn't difficult, but it means you'll have to start over again from below.
Pop the creature on your left - time this well - and proceed.
To do this all at one try may be hard, but there's always the Replay, right?
Head right and maneuver your way through the spinning shurikens.
Just make a dash for it and wait for them to come up.
Next up are more little spinning wheels.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick of these right now.
It's self-explanatory how to get them, just jump for them at the right time.
When you make it to the top, use the fabric ball to swing across, but only when the electrified plates are lowered.
Next up, grab the fabric ball attached to the wall and roll it down.
Have one player stand on big bang theory episodes watch online free other red button so the wheel starts spinning, and the second player can get to the platforms below.
Have the first player roll the magnetic fabric something big win slot las vegas were under the shurikens to make them go up, so that player two can get past them.
Yes, more of these bastardly wheels again.
Ride them up and watch out for the firy walls.
Head right and two big sumo creatures jump you.
Let's jump on their brains, shall we?
Continue to meet a big sumo.
Jump on one of his feet to be launched into the air little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs hold on to one of the red lanterns.
Hop onto his head and pop his three brains.
Go back to the ground and move under him, but make sure you don't get squashed underneath his smelly feet.
Pop the two brains here and he'll be toast.
Continue to the right and ride the ninja balls up.
At the top, free the cat and ride the fabric ball down.
You have now reached the end of the level.
Hop into the flying machine and use the three sponges to float to the upper right.
Land the flying machine and go to the left to drop down for some exploration.
Further below, go past two more creatures until you reach the centipede spikes.
Try to stay in little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs middle, and use the trampoline when the spikes have only retracted just now.
At the top, flip the lever to open the gate and use the newly revealed stairs to board your flying machine.
Fly off to the right and be on the lookout for prize bubbles.
Two of them are found by solving a sticker puzzle for which you don't have the needed sticker yet the Bouncy Cloud Sticker.
When you do, return here and slap it on the cardboard cloud below.
Head right and avoid all spikes.
Use the same trampoline vs centipede spikes construction to get on top and open the gate using the lever.
Fly off into the sky and make your way to the volcano.
Oh, and grab the 4 prize bubbles near clouds while on your way.
Fly into the volcano and make sure you grab all five prize bubbles during your descent.
Have the other player cross and stand on the button on the other side so that the player left behind can also cross.
Here, have one player drop down on the cart, and have the other move the cart to the left with the lever.
But beware, more magma blocks are falling from above at the opening nearby the prize bubbles, so the upper player should do their best to maneuver the cart through at the right time.
The lower player has very little room for movement.
Head back to the main area.
Continue, make a little stop in between the wheel to jump over the flaming obstacle, hop onto the stairs, and make your way across the platforms to the left.
Next up is a similar wheel construction, this time with four burning rocks swinging behind each other.
BOSS FIGHT 3: THE TERRIBLE ONI ------------------------------ Next up is The Terrible Oni Boss, which is really, really easy in my opinion.
There are two layers here: The front, on which Oni swings his kitchen knife at the second platform, and the back, where Oni will hurl fireballs at the lever.
It's just a matter of jumping to the second platform, and then to the back.
Here you can never get hit.
When the fireballs have been spit out, quickly go to the lever and pull it right to move the cat towards Oni.
A fraction of a second after Oni swings his knife, rush back to the right while staying in the back.
The cat will be pushed back slightly by the rocks, but not much.
When you get the chance, return to the lever and move the cat a little bit closer.
Do this a few times and the cat will defeat Oni.
At the start, grab as many points as you can while the wheel is still spinning slowly.
This will make for a fine score.
Roller Castle Unlocked by Challenge Key in Sensei's Lost Castle ------------- Grab onto the wheels and launch yourself up within 120 seconds of time.
If you collect points the timer will temporarily freeze, but don't let that be your goal.
Daruma San Unlocked by Challenge Key in The Endurance Dojo ---------- Race to the end while jumping over the Daruma Dolls.
The key here is to do this as fast as possible.
NEVER go back for any points you may have missed, but be sure to grab as many as you can while going for the finish.
This will cause the kittens to drop down, allowing you to jump on them and grab all three prize bubbles.
There is also a sticker puzzle here, but you need the Prince Face Sticker this level in order to solve it.
Continue your way and extend the stairs by pulling.
Move on to your right, use the blue lift platforms to make your way across the firy pits and take a break at the next gong.
Just don't get squashed between her legs, that's something a tiny Sackboy like you wouldn't like, would you?
Jump from platform to platform until you reach the next checkpoint.
Proceed the linear path by hopping to the next platforms until you get to a rotating platform.
Head up to the checkpoint above.
Things are about to get more tricky.
The basic idea is the same, hopping from platform to platform, but the platforms start to wiggle, and more obstacles are running in between them.
Do your best to avoid them, and praise the lord, or rather, the level creator, that he placed quite a lot of checkpoints between the sections.
Continue until you get to the crushing platforms.
When the first one opens, make a rush for it to the very last one, then hop on top of the platforms and head for the safe checkpoint on the left.
There is a huge snake hissing in your face, and you're about to get on.
It's best to go with the flow of the snake, if you catch my drift.
You can also access a 4 Player area on the left.
First of all, have three players stand on the elevating platforms in the back - two on one, and the other on one - and have player four step on the button easy job, lucky.
The player that is not required to stand on a button can now hop onto the other platforms while the middle player controls the highest platforms.
Continue and race towards the finish.
Use the platforms to get across, and little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs over any obstacles you come across.
Obviously easier said than done, but it needs to be said and done both.
Continue, and maneuver your way through the level, using the platforms and hopping over and under and.
Well, you get the point.
Just get to the next checkpoint.
It looks like you're going down, but before you do, solve the sticker puzzle here.
Use the Temple Sticker plus the Tower Sticker x4 on the cardboard on the right of the checkpoint.
When you're standing on the platforms, not much can happen.
It's when you make the jump to the next that things can go wrong - and when they do, it's all bad.
Next up is a snake similar to the one earlier in this level, except this one's on fire.
Crawl under it and go with the flow.
You can hide in one of the alcoves if you're about to get crisped.
Continue to the right and crawl so to speak through the tunnel until you reach a vertical ejecting pillar, and a whole lot of horizontal pillars ready to break all of your Sackbones.
Launch yourself up, and jump when the pillars retract.
You should have enough time to make it to the top.
Extract the stairs on your right, move past the checkpoint and climb the rising platforms.
When you move right, the pillars will form a bridge for you to walk on nostalgic prince of persia {90's classic} moment something big win on slot machines uk you extract another pair of stairs.
Proceed right, and pull the block away from the wall to reveal a hole.
Extend the stairs back to your right in order to climb the large block.
Before you move on, take a closer look at the big block.
Is that a sticker puzzle?
Run over the pillar-bridge to the right and pass the gong.
Jump to the middle platform and cross to the right when the stone brick allows you.
Step on the button of the opened platform and get a hold of the fabric ball.
Hop over the coal ejecting pillars and proceed to the room with the two rotating cubes.
Head past the rotating blocks and make your way over the moving platforms until you get to the vertical ejecting pillar.
here you manage to get onto the upper left platform, you'll notice a sticker puzzle here.
The last two are in the hole big uk slot wins the tunnel, which is also home of a huge block of hot coal that ejects through.
Continue over the moving platforms until you get solid ground under your feet.
The room on your right has two pillars and a few firy gaps.
Hop across and flip the lever.
Perform the same trick on the upper left side and by making the pillars rise you will easily make it to the next room.
Next up is another room with two rotating blocks.
Drop down on loads of moving pillars.
In the back, a lever can be pulled that controls the three pillars.
The middle pillar will retract when the others are lifted.
Have one player jump on the pillars, and when the other player raises the middle pillar, time your jump.
After doing so, hop on the back of the elephant on the right and prepare for some quick flashy moves.
Hop back on the elephant and try to stay near his head.
Continue, and hop on the platform you soon cross.
All that's left to do is to ride the elephant to the end of the level 3.
To the right is a continuously forming bridge of dissolving blocks falling from above.
The same applies for the next falling blocks, except here are three prize bubbles, plus a few blocks are much longer than the others.
The next bridge is the opposite principle of the previous two, as blocks appear from out of thin air, rather then dissolve.
At the highest point, hop to the ledge in the background to your left.
Proceed to the next checkpoint.
The next bridge consists out of dissolving rocks again, with to the mix added some descending stones.
Here, the gap seems to big to cross.
However, the lever in front of the gong controls a block spitting device up above.
To pop out a block, simply press the button by jumping your head into the stone pillar.
This next course consists of a lower and upper part, once again with dissolving rocks.
The lower path has some gaps in it, the upper part consists simply out of the regular dissolving blocks, but you have to jump on it without a break.
Next, hop over the gaps and do your best to avoid the spitted coals.
Next is another dropping blocks obstacle course, but this time the blocks move faster, AND they're on fire.
The next obstacle course is different from any other you've seen so far.
Once you press the button on the right, blocks will drop from the air in a way only a tetris master could drop them.
Be sure to not get squashed or stuck, and hop a level higher until you reach the top.
This is arguably the most difficult multiplayer challenge in LBP.
Have one player hop into the tetris esque hole in the wall, and have the other player hit the buttons on the left and the right while the other player click the following article his way to the top.
Once on top, you have two choices.
You can either activate the checkpoint on the right and have the other player pop theirselves so they start there as well, or you can jump from the right to the left button on top - which will also release blocks so that player two can reach the top.
At the next checkpoint, things get tricky.
The lower player can make blocks appear by running below the upper player, who must keep up quickly, due to the vanishing ability of the blocks.
You'll both have to jump twice until you reach a platform of safety.
Next up are several switches which cause pillars or blocks to appear and create a path for the other player.
There is also a sticker puzzle here - how else would you plan on getting those three prize bubbles high above?
The Cobra Tail can be put on the cardboard, followed by the Straight Cobra Body, and to make things complete, the Cobra Head Sticker.
These are all found in this world, 2nd and 3rd levels.
The next few gaps are yet again not much to write home about.
Next up is The Great Magician again.
He will magically make things appear from under his box: A burning triangle, a burning coal, a movable block, or nothing, after which it repeats.
The Block is what you want.
Move it to the right to grab the Challenge Key, and hop onto his arm.
Jump over all of them, but don't go too fast or you'll have to start over again.
You can mostly get burnt here and there once, just don't push your luck.
Pillar Jumping: Unlocked by Challenge Key in The Elephant Temple --------------- This is a matter of timing and concentration.
Your goal is to stay alive, simply put.
Don't go out of your way for bubbles - ever - and don't jump all that often.
The golden rule is, if you don't have to jump, don't.
The Shifting Temple: Unlocked by Challenge Key in The Elephant Temple -------------------- Another race to the finish, but this level has an incredible variety of obstacles.
Well, they all involve crushing blocks and firy objects, but they're all a little bit different.
Your best bet it to play through the stage a couple of times to see what goes where.
Fortunately, there are various checkpoints placed over the entire level.
It goes without saying that a real top score does not allow for deaths.
Continue to the sleds and ride the one in the back.
Hop off and proceed to the right.
Things are about to get slippy.
Next to the gong is a sticker puzzle that you can't solve - yet - as you need the Gear Graphic Sticker this level, later on.
Continue to the right and hop on the higher ice platforms.
Be sure to rush it across, because all platforms in the background will collapse rather sooner than later, and there's a fine collection of prize bubbles you would otherwise have to leave alone in the poison gas below.
The prize bubbles below can be gotten at any time.
If you continue to the right, icicles will drop down so make sure you dodge them.
The ledge in the background can also be reached with the help of an icicle.
Pop the creatures don't get crisped!
Continue right and a very unique creature will drive away from you.
Chase it and make sure you don't get crushed by icicles that tear the bridge apart behind you.
You can now go down the stairs to collect more prize bubbles.
One prize bubble can be found near the stairs, two more are at the end, along with a Challenge Key.
Continue to the right and watch out for the rockets.
Drop in the holes between until you reach the button to destroy the mechanism.
Continue in the background.
You can now choose from two strategies.
The first one is to come out of your hole and jump to the left.
Wait for the rocket to be shot, jump over it, then quickly move left, jump over the machine and the soldiers, and hit the red button to destroy the machine.
The other strategy is to continue to the right in a similar way like you did with the previous machine, but without destroying this one.
Either way, drop down at the end of the path.
Start the race and drop down the slippery ice.
It's best to just try and move as fast as possible.
Continue and drag the general all the way to the right or do a 4 Player area first.
There are four wheels that can be spinned, and you should see them as a safe combination.
From left to right, the correct code is: Skull, Egg, Target, World.
Have each player hang onto a wheel and fixate it at the right picture.
Then proceed to the right.
Drag the general to the right and finish the level.
Continue to the right and hop onto the platform to launch yourself in the air.
Continue your way and evade the electrocutors on your way to the next checkpoint.
Next, pop the creature and make your way through the rotating wheel.
Getting in is easy, getting out requires a little precise timing.
You should first acquire the two prize bubbles on top of the wheel, but that may be a bit tricky.
While in the wheel or still on the left platform hop onto the edge of the opening.
Continue and move over the flipflopping platforms.
Next up is another nasty electrocritter which switches between electricity and brains.
Next up are half wheels that slam into each other.
Use the fabric ball in the middle to get across.
At the checkpoint's platform, move to the very right and hop into the background.
Go left, drag the block a little to the right behind the gong and hop to the background once more.
Continue through the two tunnels inside wheels - grab the Challenge Key in between - and make sure you start to dash through when they're lining up.
You can move to the background and hop onto the snow.
Have one player hop into a wheel on the lower platform and pull the lever.
This allows you to go inside the second wheel and flip the lever here.
Now it's time for the other player s to hop into the wheel on top.
Have the player below flip the switch again.
Are you flipping yet?
Now you really need the third player, which should still be located in the top right wheel.
After this, pop the creatures that cross your path, but be SURE to pop them at the right time to grab all prize bubbles.
Eh, actually, it's not all that bad, so just jump over them.
Another rotating wheel is up next, this time with only one opening, and electric bolts inside.
Hop onto the ledge of the opening and jump to the background first for some prize bubble collecting.
Hop on top of the spinning wheel and jump to the background right of you.
You're quite the collector yourself, aren't you?
Jump in the wheel and immediately drop down.
This is a tricky part: Dodge the electric spikes and other obstacles while on the moving belt.
To make things worse, there's also a bunch of prize bubbles placed along the way.
I suggest you try to Ace the level some other time, because it's too difficult to do in one try.
Next is the hardest part of the game, a giant wheel with tons of gaps and electricity all around.
It consists out of two parts: The first part is a series of green platforms on which you can stand, but which become increasingly smaller when you progress.
Fortunately there is a gap after the smallest in which you can safely jump.
Here you'll quickly have to grab the fabric ball and swing across the electrified floor.
You'll now be near the next part, and you'll come across another checkpoint.
The outer ring may be even more difficult.
Hop over the electrified obstacles, after which you'll have to jump platform to platform in order to make the next.
The hole you see is where you'll want to drop down.
Many gamers die in the see more of death - and have to start the level all over again - so don't consider it a shame if you have to restart.
Only consider it a shame if you have to restart 5 times - no, that's a joke.
You're on another conveyor belt, except this one is going against the direction you're headed.
Make your way to the end of the level, and don't sweat those hands if you're trying to ace the level.
I know you can do it!
Replay: ------- When you get the Power Fist Sticker from the next level, return and place it on the cardboard during the place where you can hop in the background on some snow.
Also check the walkthrough above for this information.
On the right you'll find a sticker puzzle for which you need the Wiry Tree Sticker 1st Level of The Wilderness.
Now drop down the lengthy shaft which may remind you of the elevators in Metropolis.
Avoid the electrified objects and grab as many bubbles as you can.
The bubble directly under one of the electrified objects my take several replays to grab.
Once below, hop onto the crate nearby and pull the lever to free the animals.
Flip the lever to release another imprisoned animal, then make your way to the right.
Ignore the prize bubble for now, and make your way to the right.
Ride the platform up, jump over the electrified floor and flip the switch to free another prisoner.
Head right to the checkpoint and drop down when it's safe to do so.
Free the dog, then go back up.
Could he also help you with that other prize bubble?
Of course he can!
Ride the fabric ball up, hop on some platforms and reach the top.
Before continuing, head left to the previous checkpoint and drop down for the prize bubble you saved.
Move towards it and the dog will too - making the ring open up for you.
After adding this to your collection, continue to the next checkpoint on the upper right.
Be sure to not drop into the next two gaps - only an electrocution awaits you below big money game winners and make your way to the checkpoint in the hallway.
The next part can be tricky.
When hopping over the crates, be sure to hop on the lower crates first, since the higher crates will squash you against the ceiling.
When possible, hop from crate to crate until you reach a higher pillar.
Continue to the right and make your way over the horizontally here stairs.
Leap for the lever attached to the wall on your right and free another prisoner.
Another tricky part lies ahead.
L-shaped platforms flip back and forth.
Continue to the right, and hold on to the fabric at the next L-shaped platform.
You'll see another prize bubble to the right, which you can grab in the same way you grabbed the previous.
So that's how you call these suckers.
When you fall down, hold the fabric of the platform.
When it swings up, quickly grab the hanging fabric ball to your left.
From the checkpoint, make your way through the hall until you reach more moving obstacles.
Moving through the first set isn't very difficult, but be wary of the rotating flaming obstacle along the way.
Move past the squashing bricks and jump for the platform with the checkpoint.
On the next platform, flip the lever and free the Great Magician.
Jump over the fire pit, but only when the platform is about to move to the right.
Hop over the next two platforms, and keep to the very right before trying to tackle the upcoming electrified obstacle.
Or die and try again, of course.
Flip the lever on the left to free Grandmaster Sensei, then grab the fabric ball and lower yourself through the shaft.
Flip the switch and free Uncle Jalapeño.
Make your way through some rotating platform boxes and ride the next few up until you reach another prisoner to free.
There is also a 4 Player area up above which you can reach by holding onto the large fabric ball with 'x4' on it.
If you miss one or two bubbles, it may be worth it to try the shaft again, since it's near the end of the level.
Now, all there's left to do is face The Collector himself.
You'll get a double circle gong-checkpoint, but use your lives very sparingly, especially at the start of the battle.
Stage 1: -------- The Collector has three stages.
The first stage is fairly easy; pop the sides of the machine and make sure you don't get crushed by it.
The machine has a fixed pattern as it will crush the left, right, and center sides respectively.
After popping both sides once, the machine will gain an added attack.
It will spit out three electrified barrels.
Again, this goes in a fixed pattern.
If the machine is about the slam the right, it fires the barrels to the left - and just the other way around when it's about the crush the left.
When it's about to crush the center, it will aim for the center, so now you know where to stay away.
After popping both sides once more, the machine is devastated and the next stage will begin shortly.
Stage 2: -------- You should move to the very right of the elevator, because it's possible to get a sneak attack of some sorts on the next boss.
Hop against the brain on it's arm before it even moves - that's a little extra right there!
The machine quickly grows angry so avoid the crushing arms.
It will send out two smaller creatures that follow you, so pop their brains quickly.
After more creatures have been spit out, brains on the inside of the arms are revealed.
Pop these brains, along with the brains on the left and right sides of each arm, and the arms are disposed of.
Thus, the third and most difficult stage begins.
Stage 3: -------- The machine is much smaller now, but it's also more agile than ever.
It quickly opens it's arms from which tons of, well, electrified tons will be shot.
Your best bet for survival is to stay exactly in front of the machine.
Pop the two brains on the side when you get the chance.
The machine will pound the ground with a big stamp, causing it to rain electrified barrels from the sky.
You can move all the way to the left, or you can try to sneak through two barrels, but it's fairly tricky.
The machine repeats the pattern of shooting and pounding, with more difficult patterns of raining barrels, but it comes down to the same.
At the next stamp, a box comes falling down.
When you get the chance, drag it to the middle of the machine.
This allows you to eventually pop the remaining five brains when the arms are extended and ready to shoot electrified barrels.
Sit back and enjoy the LittleBigEnding, you've certainly earned it in my opinion!
These things can be annoying, but once you get the hang of it, you'll notice that you can actually stay inside while rotating.
Practice this, and you should have little trouble to make it to the end of the race.
Spline Rider Unlocked by Challenge Key from The Frozen Tundra ------------ Hop onto the sled and race your way to the finish.
When in the air, make sure you balance the sled well in little big planet 2 flash gamefaqs to stay alive.
You don't want to get fried by electric ice, do you?
You can score a large amount of points at the hill on the very right, but this requires some speed.
Jetpack Tunnel Unlocked by Challenge Key from The Collector's Lair -------------- Use the Jetpack to fly between two electrified walls and barriers of gas.
One thing is for sure, you're a dead sackperson, but you might as well do your best to score as many bubbles as possible.
Take it easy, survival has priority here.
Never go out of your way, only pick up bubbles that you can smoothly grab.
This Level Pack adds 72 new stickers, 12 new materials, 10 decorations, and 18 objects.
You also get the Gurlokovich Soldier costume.
You can furthermore PLAY the levels that are created by people who use this pack.
However, you DO NOT get to keep the objects you find - unfortunately.
This guide will lead you through the new levels that are fully designed in Metal Gear Solid style.
No more lame streetfighter costumes, turkey head masks.
Let's finally dive into some real action!
Prize Bubbles In Level: 13 Complete Level Once: Costume: Gurlukovich Soldier Uniform + Gurlukovich Soldier Helmet and Mask + Gurlukovich Soldier Vest 100% Completion Prize: Ace Level Prize: Sticker: Metal + Gear + Solid.
Replay: ------- If you want to get all the other prize bubbles in this level you will need the finish Act 5 and get the Big Bullet Hole sticker.
You can then use the Big Bullet Hole Sticker and stamp it on the Black Figures, Boxes, Ocelot, The World, Metal Gear Rays and such carbons in order to unlock the missing prizes.
One Black Figure Target can be tricky to locate: It's hidden behind the large-sized Ocelot near the end of the level, act quick of wait for Ocelot to vanish.
Continue your way past Otacon and head into the VR area.
Grab the paintinator and destroy all targets with it.
The third area holds a practice VR Metal Gear Ray with three targets, and as Otacon tells you, these targets can take as much as 10 hits each.
The fourth room has targets between different layers.
You will need to switch layers in order to hit all these targets.
This makes for a good lesson, since the paint bullets will always stay at the same plane, and never change depth.
The next room holds a big hit football with a health bar - these show you ho much health a target has left before it vaporizes into thin air.
The room up ahead looks like it has a powerful foe; Don't get too close or you'll be sure to get electrocuted!
Instead, use your newly acquired paintinator to blast the four unprotected creature brains on its spinning head from afar.
With the battle victorious for you, continue your way to the next VR hinderness.
It looks like a turret is blocking your way!
Quickly hop over the block and dive for cover.
Whenever the turret has fired a burst of shots, try to back out and fire your own burst of shots.
The turret has a health bar as well, and you will need to shoot it multiple times in order to finally pass.
Be sure to not get hit by its vicious green plasma beams, or you'll be toast!
Replay: ------- Place the Kojima Foxhound Sticker on the cardboard at the beginning of the level and a finish line will drop down in the next room.
Head into the VR room and shoot the targets, this time with the difference that the floor has that little extra wiggle.
Continue onward and make your way to the second VR room that now has a stamping pillar in the middle of the room.
Blast the targets without getting squashed and make your way to the next VR room.
A moving turret needs to be destroyed.